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I Use Musical Instruments As Canvases For My Painted Creations

I take a Guitar or violin out of a unable to create or tired noise and I turn it into a picture for ideas and my own thoughts. Whales starry skies, waves or abstract, I utilize acrylics and watercolours and tester emulsion paint baskets for the color for vision and the details.

Each bit Takes 1 bath of ice cream for assistance me days to finish along with also an old pair of pants to wash the paintbrush on.

While the Violin I generated is impossible to play, both guitars and Their sounds are unaltered and with a few strings that were fantastic and Tuning, are playable.

“We Are The Champions” Without The Background Music Will Give You Goosebumps

Freddie Mercury is one of the Best Rock legends at music’s history. Not only was he a chart-topping strikes songwriter, but an voice’s proprietor.

Playback.fm has created a video montage of this stone Legend, with different clips of him singing the classic “We Are The Champions” Without background audio. The end result is guaranteed to provide you the chills. Listen for yourselves below.