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All Hail The Queen! Latifah To Receive Icon Award At The 2017 Revolt Music Seminar

Billboard reports which In Diddy’s 4th annual Revolt Music Conference this October, hip jump star Queen Latifah will be rewarded using the Icon Award for her contributions to this civilization across many mediums within the previous 3 decades. SZA, Lauryn Hill, and Daniel Ceaser all will play in the big event in tribute to the Queen.

Queen Latifah’s standing As an icon was certified for years the Revolt Music Conference existed, but it is dope that she’s receiving the recognition on a stage. If you are not up on Latifah’s restart, peep the slideshow why she deserves every accolade that the hip hop community has and will continue to attract her manner.


Rap Royalty

Queen Latifah is Considered among also a pioneer of this civilization and the best emcees ever. She had been the first rapper to be nominated for an Oscar. Latifah also paved the way for artists such as Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, and Cardi B, and she did it while boosting messages of unity and empowerment.


Transition to Acting

The listing of rappers Successfully transitioned from audio into the large (or little) screen is quite brief, but Latifah’s title is close to the top. From dramatic characters in endeavors such as “Set It Off” and “Bessie,” to comedic characters in “22 Jump Street” and “Girl’s Trip,” Latifah has played with either side just like a pro.


“Living Single”

No disrespect for those Additional sitcoms about young people residing in town using their smart, humorous, and effective buddies, but “Living Single” has been a far more significant show for Black men and women. Queen Latifah played the character of Khadijah and she wrote and played the theme tune that was timeless.


Reinvention: “The Dana Owens Album”

After cementing her Heritage for a rapper, Queen Latifah (aka Dana Owens) chose to change it up from the 3rd quarter and flaunt her singing skills. “The Dana Owens Album” was certified gold by the RIAA.


“The Queen Latifah Show”

Queen Latifah’s chat Series was canceled as a result of low ratings after two seasons, but the simple fact that it Produced at all is a testament to her drive and charm. The series featured Discussions and guests that may not have occurred on other chat shows. Additionally, It revealed Black children who love rap You Don’t need to be Contentious (or Oprah Winfrey/Steve Harvey) to get your own display.