I Draw Scenes From Famous Animated Movies On Music Sheets Of Their Theme Songs

Folks often ask me: “Wow, how long have you been drawing?

I am 36 years old, artist, teacher and mom. I adore Artwork, I love being creative and have educated myself many techniques and things by attempting or doing them. On the previous couple of decades, I drawing. This time I started publishing my artwork on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and acquired a great deal of response and awesome feedback!

Working in the school of some famous Austrian Boys choir (in which you see sheet songs nearly everywhere) attracted me into the idea to draw on sheet music. And as folks need and love sheet music artwork it sounds I will make more of it.

I publish the page on Bristol board newspaper from Strathmore. I blend Polychromos out of Faber-Castell using Premier color pens 9000 pens.

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