Album Review: Gordi, Reservoir

Debut from Australian folktronica artist.

Having enjoyed both critical acclaim and an endorsement from label partner Bon Iver, the debut record from Australian writer Sophie Peyton, aka Gordi, always went to draw a lot of attention. If Peyton feels some tension about the dreaded “next big thing” label, then it surely does not manifest itself on Reservoir, an album which was listed over different continents.

Having a focus on relationship insanity, Gordi’s sultry tone and lyrics set her distress front and center. A complete case in point is ‘Heaven I Know’, using its wracked lines, “Wear me out/ all strung out”. There is oodles of emotion here, and Reservoir is improved by its mixture of instrumentation. Throughout, it combines synths, piano and guitar to spellbinding effect, together with the likes of ‘Bitter End’ and ‘Can We Work It Out’ modernising folk in a fashion very similar to Bon Iver.

All told, this is a group of folktronica. Reservoir is an unbelievable debut.


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